Just wanted to let you know that Zach still LOVES his weighted blanket (more than two years later.) We take that thing everywhere (including vacations—which is no easy feat). It gets flagged every darn time it goes through security. But he loves it. THANK YOU!
— A.B.
I have the best story about the weighted blanket already! We have a young student [at school] who hates fire drills, tornado drills, etc. He shakes and cries beyond control. For fire drills we always try to get outside first. However, last year they forgot one time and blasted it while he was at an assembly. It freaked him out. Anyway...yesterday was a tornado drill. I was not in the room at the time, but the teacher said she had the boy sit on her lap and wrapped the weighted blanket on him. It worked! He was nervous but stayed reasonably calm and was fine after the drill was over. Before a drill would have made him stressed the rest of the day. By the time I saw him after lunch he was his usual happy self!
— C.S., paraprofessional
My daughter used to play in her bed for 1-2 hours before falling asleep each night. With her new weighted blanket she has been falling asleep immediately!
— E.D., mom of a 7 year old with Autism
This email arrived from the classroom teacher the day after M. started using his new sensory blanket: M had a great adjustment back to school! While I’m not saying he had perfect days (I would never expect that!) he has overall had great behavior. [My] standards keep rising for him...
— M's First Grade Teacher
The custom weighted pad Lisa made for me helps me relax and sleep deeply all night long. I never go anywhere without it.
— 25 year old engineer
Our weighted blanket is just what my high energy, sensory seeking, seven-year old needed. Mason actually looks forward to going to bed in the evening and being covered with his cozy “hugging blanket”.
— Michelle V.
My 5 year old son is actually sleeping in the car! He NEVER sleeps in the car!
— Beth D.
I have always liked to have a sense of weight on top of me when I sleep. My weighted blanket gives me that without making me too warm. I think I sleep better with it than without. (And according to his wife, he even takes in on vacation!)
— Mike, age 53
My teenage daughter is anxious and struggles with sleep so I thought a weighted blanket was worth a try. I was told Lisa was great and that she did a wonderful job. I was not disappointed. She made the blanket a very personal thing for my daughter, asking about personal preferences and what makes her happy. She made it fun for us with her enthusiasm and thoughtful messages to help us find what was best. I could not be more satisfied with the way her blanket turned out and the impact it has had.
— Connie K.
I always check with Lisa whenever I need a baby gift. Her custom items allow me to give the perfect gift every time! There is no where I would rather shop!
— Sheryl J.
K. said getting to sleep has been a problem for J. Last night he got under his blanket and was asleep in no time!
— A.V. J's Great Grandmother