Why Use a Weighted Blanket?

Our bodies are designed to respond to deep pressure input and associate this sensation with relaxation.  Like a firm hug, weighted blankets help us feel secure, grounded, and safe. 

Who Benefits from Using a Weighted Blanket?

Adults, teens, and children can benefit from weighted blanket therapy.  Weighted blanket are a safe and effective non-drug therapy for anyone seeking a solution for loss of sleep and relaxation.   Weighted therapy tools are commonly used with children and adults who have been diagnosed with: ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer's, Anxiety Disorders, Bi-Polar Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson's, Sleep Disorders, and many more.  

How do I know what size/weight to order?

The formula commonly used and recommended for children and young teens by Licensed Therapists is 10% of the body weight plus 1-2 pounds.  In older teens and adults this formula can be quite heavy so please consult your healthcare professional if you are not sure which weight and size is right for you.  Using a blanket/weighted item that is too heavy for an individual leads to the risk of asphyxiation and/or the inability to safely remove one's body from under the weighted item. 

Be sure to consider how you plan to use your weighted blanket as they can influence what size you need to order.  A weighted blanket can be used to calm and relax in various ways by laying it across the lap or torso, wrapping around the shoulders, covering just the legs, or covering the whole body for sleeping.  When using a blanket for sleeping the blanket should not cover the head or neck area.

Disclaimer:  I am not a licensed therapist or healthcare professional.  I do not provide health care services, treatment, diagnosis, or care of any sort.  This website is not designed to provide medical advice or practice medicine.  Your use of this website and purchase of a weighted item in no way establishes a patient-client relationship of any kind.  Weighted lap pads, shoulder pads, and blankets are recommended for children ages 3 and above.  They are not recommended for individuals younger than 3 or who struggle with physical strength related issues that may prevent them from being able to move the weighted item on their own. 

How long does it take to create a custom order ?

Custom orders are typically completed within 4 weeks of the order being placed.  If for some reason it will take longer the buyer will be notified when the order is placed. 

How are fabrics for custom orders chosen?

For all custom orders the buyer must fill out a preference form prior to submitting the order.  Information from that form will dictate what fabrics are chosen.  You have the option to choose the type of fabric (cotton, flannel, or minky) as well as to express your desire for colors/patterns/characters, etc.  Fabrics are not purchased until your order is placed and they will be purchased to meet your specifications to the greatest degree possible. 

Can custom order items be washed?

Yes!  All weighted blankets and weighted lap pads are washer and dryer safe!

What is the difference between a weighted item and a hot/cold item?

Weighted items are designed to meet the proprioceptive (deep pressure input) needs of the user.  They are filled with poly pellets which are washer and dryer safe.  Poly pellets should not be put in the microwave! Hot/Cold items are filled with rice.  As such, they work great for heating in the microwave or cooling in the freezer.  The rice holds the heat/cold for a good length of time which varies depending on size and length of time the item was heated or cooled for.  it is important to note that the hot/cold packs cannot be washed as the rice will become wet and get moldy.